After 2 long days of trekking we were in Kalipokhri. The snowfall yesterday made the place absolutely beautiful. But it was after sunset and we didn’t get to witness the white blanket.

Before we get to the trek, here is my favourite pic from Day 4 of the trek.

Mount Everest along with Lhotse and Makalu — From the sunrise point at Sandakphu

Day 3 — Kalipokhri to Sandakphu


Malnad is the rainy mountainous region of Karnataka, covering the eastern and the western slopes of the Sahyadri range of Western Ghats.

The place is in its glory in the monsoon season; for any rain lover this region is a must visit place during the south west monsoon.

You know you’ve entered the Chikmagalur region, once you see the lush greenery taking over the sides of the road.

Thanashyam Raj

I make images the way I want to etch them into my memories

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