Nature Lover’s Pilgrimage — Kashmir Great Lakes trek

Day 0 — Reaching Srinagar and Shitkadi

I had bought ND filter for long exposure shots, so why not try it out.

Day 1 — Shitkadi to Nichnai

This is what you get see within the first 30–45 mins of the trek
A bird’s eye view of the Sonamarg town
Shepherd huts on the way. You’ll find a plenty of these throughout the trek
We had our first break amidst these views
Kashmiri girl striking a cute pose for us in return for chocolates. Right or wrong, with that purple shawl around in the setting, I could not resist clicking this.
It isn’t July if the clouds don’t gang up on you
This time I felt guilty bribing them and I did not , but still clicked this.
Water sources are never a problem, as you are close to the streams most of the time
The waterfall seen in this picture somehow reminds me of the pics I’ve seen of Rupin pass trek

Day 2 — Nichnai to Vishansar

Clear, bright, sunny morning after the previous night’s rain
I don’t have much experience on Himalayan treks, still I did not expect to see a a ice patch this early into the trek.
High altitude alpine meadows Kashmir is known for. This is the stuff we signed up for this trek.

Day 3 — Vishansar Lake — Rest day

Prettiest mobile service center isn’t it?

Day 4 — Crossing Gadsar Pass and Gadsar lake

Our Vishansar campsite — As we start for the day’s trek to cross Gadsar pass. I still miss my DSLR though
Kishansar Lake just before we start climbing up towards the pass. Spot my co-trekkers on the right end of the pic to understand the scale.
Kishansar Lake — after a few minutes into the climb.
My favourite shot on the entire trek
Almost there. Having very little expectations on what lies beyond the top of the pass.
Video courtesy: Kedar
Meadows and snow fed lakes as we slide down the Gadsar pass
Yamsar lake
Wish we had camped here — Feeling envy on the blue tents
Straight out of a fairyland tale
Gadsar campsite

Day 5 — Gadsar to Satsar

Day 6 — Satsar to Gangabal

Nandkol Lake with the Harmukh’s face hidden by the clouds
Gangabal camp site

Day 7 — Gangbal to Naranag

On the way to houseboat
Everything from icecream to tea to snacks is available in such shikharas




I make images the way I want to etch them into my memories

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Thanashyam Raj

Thanashyam Raj

I make images the way I want to etch them into my memories

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